A century of design.

Rewriting the visual language of a Design Icon.

Director Claudia Perren aims to strengthen the international profile of the Bauhaus Foundation, reestablishing the Bauhaus itself as a bustling site of creativity. For over a century, the Bauhaus has stayed true to their claim – to continuously reimagine the world and to serve as a platform for visionary ideas. So how can this be translated into a design for the 21st century?

The new design adopts a universal and inclusive approach. Objective and functional as it is, it embodies the Bauhaus as a space and platform for all to contribute, experiment and create. In the spirit of the legendary Bauhaus, the design personifies the determination to be universally understood and extend its message to all. It is the sustained foundation for all in-house media, provides the logo scheme and signage for the historical Bauhaus ensemble in Dessau, and also brands the new Museum Bauhaus Dessau, opened on the occasion of the national jubilee.

Brand design
Visual design and relaunch
Editorial design
Art direction
Digital design


SILVER in the Corporate Identity category for the corporate design of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation