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Burgtheater Wien

The Burgtheater in Vienna is considered one of the most important stages in Europe and is the largest German-language spoken theater. Herburg Weiland took over the design of the communication media in 2021 and has since been responsible for the concept and development of the campaigns, the season previews, the program booklets and the season magazines.

Brand design
Visual design and relaunch
Editorial design
Art direction
Art buying

Claim kampagne 2022 23

Klaus Maria Brandauer, Tobias Moretti, Mavie Hörbiger, Bibiana Beglau, Sophie von Kessel, Nicholas Ofczarek and 68 other actors form the largest permanent theater ensemble in the world. Commissioned by the Burgtheater, we staged it for the campaign of the 2022/23 season.

With film trailers and out-of-home formats, the theater stages itself as an ambivalent place of infestation and safe haven, where we can enter into dialogue with the ghosts of our time - those that accompany us and those that haunt us. The large-format faces of the famous theater ensemble in combination with the concise claim are the heart of the campaign and ensure a sensational presence in Vienna.

Intendant Martin Kušej mIt Spielzeitheft

Four times a year, the Burgtheater presents its extensive repertoire in themed booklets designed by renowned illustrators and supplemented by essays by prominent authors.

The start of the first post-Corona season saw an exciting premiere peak at Europe's largest spoken theater. We accompanied it with the design of the season booklet and a large poster campaign that offered a platform to young artists from the Judith Eisler class at the Academy of Applied Arts. They complemented and illustrated the season with an unusual and diverse visual layer.

Spielzeiteröffnung 21 22
Szene aus Maria Stuart
Repertoirestücke 2021 22

Season Campaign 22/23
Photography: Sergi Pons

Season Campaign 21/22
Photography: Irina Gavrich
Art: Klasse Judith Eisler, Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien