We đź–¤ collaborations!

As a team, we are constantly striving to find exciting projects with the creative freedom to develop new ideas in terms of content and concept. Beyond the opportunity to explore new avenues of visual design and platforms, we are passionate about promoting positive and meaningful change.

Katja Eichinger designed and produced JUNKSPACE, a music album by NYC duo Tempers featuring Rem Koolhaas. We contributed to this project by designing the cover art work as well a 3D-animated music video for the song “Love at the mall”.

Marc Iven and Christian Dunker, owners of the bookstore “Geistesblüten” in Berlin, publish a literature and culture magazine of the same name. Together, we developed a contemporary and highly successful format to counter the crisis of the book industry with a focus on quality and creativity.

Always judge a book by its cover! Take a look at some of the covers we’ve made for several literary and art publications, big and small, on www.bookswemade.com

A longstanding collaboration with the architect Peter Haimerl has led to a great deal of extraordinary projects.

Teaming up with friends. Here are four examples of projects we did with artists and journalists from across our network.

Poetic Sweaters is an art project that seeks to elevate the voice of female writers from the past. Inspired by Katja Eichinger’s initiative, we joined forces with designer SoYeon Kim to launch a contemporary capsule fashion collection featuring their quotes.

Music design as exemplified by the open-air festival PUCH.

Block Magazine, edited by Theresia Enzensberger, is an independent publication showcasing the positions of emerging artists and authors. The magazine was awarded Gold for Best Newcomer Magazine at the Lead Award.

Design en vogue demonstrated by the Schwittenberg concept store, operated by Christopher Romberg.

The Munich street journal BISS celebrated its 25th anniversary with the installation of a sculpture designed by the British artist collective Studio Morison. We were delighted to support the campaign with the design of all related publications.