Design in Architecture

Every project has an exciting story to tell. Smart communication on or even within architecture captures these narratives, making them both accessible and tangible for their respective audience.

Versatile art direction of Germany’s best-known architecture magazine Baumeister, including the annual special edition, curated by internationally-renowned architects such as Winy Maas (MVRDV), Reinier de Graaf (OMA) and David Adjaye.

The Lenbachhaus museum presents its collection to visitors from around the world in the historic residence of Franz von Lenbach and the new construction designed by Norman Forster Architects. Herburg Weiland is responsible for the institution’s visual communication, corporate design and signage.

Euroboden is the architectural brand of real estate developers. Reputable names such as David Chipperfield and Arno Brandlhuber attest to the architectural relevance of their projects. With architectural culture at the heart of each of their projects, so too should the visual communication, designed by Herburg Weiland, transport the very same through film, print and digital media.

The Archiv der Zukunft is dedicated to discourse on the issues that shape tomorrow’s world and fostering the emerging technologies of our future. During the construction phase, extensive measures were taken to promote a dialogue on architecture and gain acceptance and support for an extraordinary design by the architect Peter Haimerl.

Books on architecture: Visual concepts, layout and photo editing by Herburg Weiland

Reimagining the world as a platform for visionary ideas. A corporate design stemming from this Bauhaus claim lays the foundation for the logo scheme and signage of the historic Bauhaus ensemble in Dessau alongside the new Bauhaus Dessau Museum, opened on the national jubilee.

The architect Peter Haimerl has been awarded several international distinctions for his projects. His exceptional creations transcend the boundaries of conventional architecture.