Tantris Maison Culinare

Tantris, Germany's most famous restaurant legend, is landmarked architecture, interiors with magical appeal and gastronomy of highest craftsmanship. Freshly renovated and ready for its 50th anniversary, the restaurant opened its doors under a new name »Tantris Maison Culinaire«. Herburg Weiland accompanied this process visually and in terms of content in its role as lead agency.

Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Verbal Identity
Brand design

The menus reflect in design and implementation the aspirations of the gastronomic enterprise - to always deliver the highest quality, with the best materials. The bar is its own destination at Tantris Maison Culinaire, the deep red glowing center, inspired by the visionary design of the 70s.

The Restaurant Tantris DNA is dedicated to the original French cuisine, the DNA of the Tantris Maison Culinaire. The illustration of the legendary »Schwebewesen« interprets the spirit of the interior from the 70s and carries it into a contemporary design language.

The entire design is based on the newly developed corporate font »Tantris Neue«. It is based on the original wall inscription from the founding period and was further developed together with the innovative type foundry Tightype as a digitally functioning custom-made font.

Words by Lorraine Haist
Photography by Kathrin Koschitzki, Fritz Beck, Joerg Lehmann, Sarah Blais
Film by Peter Künzel / Isarfilm
Tailor-made Font „Tantris Neue“ by Tight Type / Fabian Fohrer
Printed by Druckerei Vogl