Archiv der Zukunft Lichtenfels

Can architecture be a catalyst for change in a small town struck by rural exodus? The building of Archiv der Zukunft with its sensational willow architecture provokes this question and its founders claim to bring life into the heart of their town with their initiative. Herburg Weiland supported the project during construction phase with name-development, content based concept and visual identity.

Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Brand design
Event Design

The website – the digital Archiv der Zukunft – collects and stores the ideas, experiments and inventions that all the players bring to the project as they fill it with life through their activities.

An annually published magazine functions as image brochure and annual report. The activities on social media and the distinctive look of the Archiv der Zukunft help foster transparent communication with local citizens and transforms initial skepticism into positive anticipation. Architecture can become a catalyst for change if it is accompanied by good communication.

Photography by Myrzik und Jarisch, Schnepp Renou, Stephan Wilm
Renderings by Peter Haimerl Architektur
Printed by Druckerei Vogl